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Download "Christm-aXed" the new Christmas Carol compilation album by some of the best guitar players in India, who have been part of Axe-tortion absolutely Free!

AXE-TORTION is the coming together of top notch Guitar Players of the country as well as the rest of the world - the first ever in the Indian Music Circuit - where guitar players perform in your face Guitar instrumentals that is sure to blow you away.
The AXE-TORTION night will see each Guitarist perform original compositions backed by a Bassist and Drummer, culminating in the Mother off all jams where the musicians jam on instrumental versions of popular tracks! A great way for instrumentalists to connect with the audience without having to sing!
Each Guitarist has a unique sound, style and composition which works out just perfect creating an exceptional sonic experience.
Such collaboration between highly talented Guitar players sharing the same stage and jamming to the same track is a rare treat not only for the Guitarists themselves but also for the audience watching!
AXE-TORTION is not a band but a concept to promote Guitar centric music and Guitar Players as well!
Guitar Players who have performed alongside Chandresh Kudwa at AXE-TORTION are
Mahesh Tinaikar (Indus Creed)
Paresh Kamath (Kailasa, Hipnotribe)
Ravi Iyer (Para Vayu)
Floyd Fernandes - Claver Menezes (Zedde)
Milind Deora (Lok Sabha MP)
Pozy Dhar (Tough On Tobacco)
Sanjay Joseph (Shibhumi) - Pune
Bryden Lewis (Slain) - Bangalore
Ananth Menon (The Galeej Gurus) - Bangalore
Dhruv Ghanekar
Many more collaborations are in the pipeline so stay connected. Hope to see you at a gig in your city!

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Chandresh Kudwa